Quality products with exceptional customer service for over 55 years


Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Midwest Metal Products has been a leader in the metal fabrication industry for over 55 years. Our commitment to quality, service and on-time delivery is paramount – every order, every time.
Our manufacturing facility has the most advanced processes and technology to continually meet industry standards, producing products that exceed our customers’ goals.

Fabrication Capabilities

澳洲5|体彩单双-澳洲5在线官网-遗漏 - Assembly
When you choose to manufacture your products with us, you’re not just getting parts—you’re getting a team that can handle even the most complex manufacturing requirements.
澳洲5|体彩单双-澳洲5在线官网-遗漏 - Conversion
Chromate Conversion/Chem Film
Have equipment exposed to water, chemicals or extreme environments? We employ chromate conversion chem-film line for the most corrosion-resistant coatings available.
澳洲5|体彩单双-澳洲5在线官网-遗漏 - Insertion
Hardware Insertion
We can install a full range of fasteners and terminals quickly and precisely, utilizing our 12 high- tech automated and manual insertion machines.
澳洲5|体彩单双-澳洲5在线官网-遗漏 - Enclosures
Metal Enclosures
From design to metal fabrication, our team of experts apply accuracy and superior customer service through every step of the metal enclosure manufacturing process.
澳洲5|体彩单双-澳洲5在线官网-遗漏 - Painting
Painting and Powder Coat
We believe in providing consistent finishes for all painting and metal finishing that leave our facility. We are committed to ensuring that you get the results you expect, every time.
澳洲5|体彩单双-澳洲5在线官网-遗漏 - Press Brakes
Press Brakes
We are proud to offer a complete line of press brakes. Each one is top grade, performing with three-axis computer controls, including HDS machines for quick set-ups for any production volume.
澳洲5|体彩单双-澳洲5在线官网-遗漏 - Silk Screen
Our single-source manufacturing service includes a start-to-finish silk-screening operation. We take care of all the details, so you know that your finished product will be exactly as it was designed.
澳洲5|体彩单双-澳洲5在线官网-遗漏 - Lasers
We believe in the power of innovation to help you create flawless products. That’s why our high- speed EML turret/lasers provide efficient automated loading and unloading with unmatched quality.
澳洲5|体彩单双-澳洲5在线官网-遗漏 - Welding
Our professional welders make it easy to select the right material for your project by offering a full range of steel, stainless steel and aluminum welding services.